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As soft as cotton for your baby’s bottom.

About Dypoo

Your baby needs something more than just a pair of pants to spend the days and nights in. Something as comfy as a mother’s hug and something as soft as a mother’s touch. Dypoo Diaper Pants not only wraps your baby in cottony soft comfort, but also makes sure that his nights are soporifically peaceful, calm, and most importantly, dry.

Dypoo diapers are proudly made in  India

The Clean Promise

Our Mission

Endlessly soft cuddles,
tickles and giggles.

We are committed to making premium childcare products that nurture your baby without harming the planet that they will grow up in. We never compromise on safety, quality or sustainability because when it comes to our little kiddos why settle for anything but the best?

Why Choose Dypoo ?

Highest Quality for Utmost Comfort

Safety and comfort of the baby are our highest priorities. Our products are CPSIA certified safe for babies.

Made by Parents with a Lot of Love

Our team of parents carefully designs each product and test on their own babies before we finally launch it.


Wrap your little one in comfort without breaking the bank with our affordable diapers,

Business with Charity

2.5% of all the earning will be donated to Nas Foundation trust which works for child education and many more kindness activities.

Our Products

4-8 kgs

7-12 kgs

9-14 kgs


Team Members

An experienced team working together, crafting exceptional experiences, and growing stronger.

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Shafik Shaikh


Rafiullah Khan


Nadeem Sumra


Saeed Khan


Customer Reviews


A range of testimonials from our happy customers across the globe.
I recently got these baby diaper pants, and they are outstanding! The large size fits my little one perfectly, providing comfort and security. With faster absorption, these diapers are incredibly reliable. The 50-count pack ensures I'm well-stocked, making it a convenient and economical choice.
Misba Sumra
One of the most things of this diaper is the material, which is of high quality. Absorbation quality is very high. Very Soft from inside. These diapers are soft and can continue a long time, so that baby can sleep all night comfortable. So these diapers are very useful for a baby. Value for money product. I am highly satisfied with this diaper.
Khadija Khan
These baby diaper pants are the good absorbing diapers. These diaper pants keep skin dry of baby and the kids feel very much comfortable. These diaper pants absorbs fatser as comparatively and its shaped channels and bubble bed which makes it more comfortable. This diaper has air friendly material that is very much helpful for skin and it also has extra padding to fight leakage and there nothing to complaint.
Rani Sharma
Corporate Emp

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